Birch and Main Our Story



Birch & Main originated from a pure passion for candles. In 2012, Michael, the founder began crafting candles in his home out of a curiosity for the process after the dreaded soot stains started engulfing his new home. After several months of research and a more in depth knowledge of the harmful chemicals in most commercial candles a self taught hobby became more of knowledge quest. Eventually friends, family and acquaintances began asking him if he could make candles for them. This grew into much more than candles. Further research led into learning the old world process of soap making and than growing a candle line into a full fledged body line. In early 2017 Birch & Main opened the doors to it's flagship candle & body boutique in Wading River, NY


A note from the founder

Birch & Main embodies an appreciation for craftsmanship and old world processes. I have always felt a personal connection to our past and doing things the good ole’ way- by hand. It may stem from my fond memories of my grandfather, before his passing some years back, and his love for antiques and hard work. I can remember going to countless antique shops with him and being so enamored by the dusty old pieces most kids my age would have just regarded as junk. Birch & Main was my way of combining some of my favorite things in life, perfecting a craft that goes back centuries and reliving some of my most fond moments through scents.