Lavender + Tulip Bath Salt 8.5oz

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With its endless healing properties and alluring aroma, there is no doubt why Lavender has been used for centuries. Made further popular by Queen Victoria who used Lavender in almost every aspect of her daily life. But since you can't live like a queen, you might as well bathe as one.  Lavender infused bath salts with a touch of tulip petals.


Sea Salt, Fragrance, Tulip Flower, FD&C Colorant


Our bath salt jars are constructed out of a beautiful amber glass, with a square body and circular mouth. The jar includes a real cork top which adds an extra level of authenticity and beauty. Once you use all your bath salts you can clean out the jar and re-use it anyway you like!  

Directions: Sprinkle desired amount into bath or foot soak. Let sit for a few minutes to allow time for salt to absorb into water.